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All along I have been wanting to switch completely to Linux however my job related software’s were unable to make the transition. Tried VM Player and  never worked out well. Tried Virtual Box 2.04 from Sun and installation of XP on ubuntu was a breeze. Added guest additions and the program works amazingly with full screen options.I don’t see any slow downs which compromise my work, that is good enough for me.

Now I tried installing Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid ibex as a guest OS to test it out both in XP and Ubuntu Hardy Heron. Works amazingly. I had one problem though found it difficult to install guest additions in ubuntu searched the forums and finally came across this post and I could install guest additions.

This is what you do

Go to Devices and click Install Guest Additions

This is to make sure you have guest additions

Followed by the following command in the terminal,

“sudo /media/cdrom/VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run”

This should do it.

Restart your guest OS and you are all set to go full screen.

This post is only for future reference