Markbook in ubuntu
One of the reasons that I still have windows on my computer is because I have to use some software needed for my work. Markbook is one of them.
A work around for this was needed, so I installed Sun xVM Virtual box, installed guest services and I am able to run all of my needed software in the virtual machine while booted into ubuntu.
However these are my concerns
1. Usb does not work as it should, but it can be mounted as an external drive.
2. On installing programs and taking a snapshot helped me in keeping an updated version of my image however on repeated booting it shows errors an have to revert to original snapshot and then I have lost all installed programs

So I am still testing its stability and realibility
What I like about the whole program is.
1. Easy installation
2. Guest service is easily installable and integrates well
3. Sharing folders between host and guest is a breeze

I tried VMWare player but found it difficult install VM ware tools in the player and as you know it not worth the trouble without the tools.