How to use bell sympatico with mark book to send multiple emails / marks.
This method is needed only for those who have as its SMTP server.

Three things your need.
1. Yahoo email account
2. Email client outlook, outlook express, thunderbird etc. any one of them.
3. Download and install YPOPS

Setup of email client:
Set up your email client use your yahoo user name. The user name should the part before the
eg “marks” is the user name.
POP mail server should be
Port 110
Use secure connections “never”

SMTP server Port 25
Use secure connection: TLS if available


YPOPS set up:

Here is the link for download of YPOPS

YPOPS has a default set up, so you don’t have to change anything.
However this is the set up you will see.

Bind on IP address is
POP3Port 25
Enable SMTP

Markbook set up:
Go to setup choose email
Fill in the boxes with relevant data
SMTP host Name:
Your email account: your email add
SMTP Authentication choose plain
User account name use your yahoo user account name
Password: You dont really need the real password, but dont leave it blank.
Now you are all set to send emails from Markbook.

This works fine for me.
There is no guarantee for this process you should know that you are totally responsible for using this method and what ever consequences it may have.